Lara Di Lara

Explore beautiful places and scenes with Lara Di Lara’s new video from her second full-length record, “Hazineler İçindesin”.

Lara Di Lara published her 2nd album “Hazineler İçindesin” earlier this year via Sony Music Turkey. Without waiting for the end of the year, it can be easily said that this album is directly one of the best albums of 2017. Full of 16 great songs, Dilara Sakpınar a.k.a. Lara Di Lara sets her own limits in a higher place with her 2nd album.

Her first album, “Oraya Doğru” came out 2 years ago on the label Who Are We Who We Are, and she also released a single named “Hayal” on the same label. But these are not the only albums where we heard Lara Di Lara’s beautiful voice. She is also singer of the extraordinary Turkish band named 123, who have released lots of great records with different concepts.

Many musicians from 123 are going along with Dilara also in her solo project. But when you listen Lara Di Lara, you shouldn’t expect to hear the same tunes as with 123. This one is another journey. The only similarity between these two projects is that both of them will give you melodies different from what you might have generally got used to expect in Turkey.

Let’s talk about “Sıradan Dediğin” a little bit. This song – a single from the new album – is great and the video is also just great! They make each other greater which is good for you. I recommend you to watch this video and listen the song with full attention.

The video is directed by Sinan Kut and there is a big crew at the back of this work. You will face many beautiful places and scenes. While you are hypnotised with these beauties, Dilara repeates those questions: “How many people passed from this road? How many people made this journey?”

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