Lara Di Lara

Lara Di Lara’s highly expected new album is another amazing relase from Turkey this year.

After three long years, Lara Di Lara released her shiny second LP “Sudaki Çığlık” (“The Scream in the Water”), which is worth all this waiting. Since the beginning of 2020, she was sharing some songs from this album as singles to feed our excitement. You can watch the videos for these singles below.

We have 19 pieces in this glorious album. All of which is like another journey, created and produced with daintiness. They will surely wait for the right time to trigger some other emotions in our future memories. I know I wrote the same sentence recently, but this LP is one of the greatest of 2020 from Turkey again.

The producer of the album is Aras Levni Seyhan (a.k.a. Levni), whom we also see in the mixing of the songs. There are also many important musicians in the recording: Herbert Pirker, Willi Rosner, Fabian Rucker, Oliver T. Johnson, Burak Irmak, and Ethnique Punch. Paul Movahedi is the name behind the mastering process. The cover photo was taken by Kıvılcım Güngör, while the cover was designed by Valerija Ilcuka.

Whenever I listen to Lara Di Lara’s music – and I also wrote about her on beehype back in 2017 – I feel lucky to have her as a part of our Turkish music scene. It is not easy to face such high standards and open-minded works. I hope you will also enjoy this album at least as half as I do.

Stream “Sudaki Çığlık” LP on Spotify.


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Photo creadit: burcinesin

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