Larry Gus

Λάρυγγας, greek word for larynx, has exactly the same pronunciation as the alias of Panagiotis Melidis, Larry Gus, in case you’re thinking to start learning Greek someday. But remember that it’s not among the easiest languages in the world. You’ll find the same complexity in Larry Gus’s crazy beats and his geeky music.

Coming from a small city in North Greece, Veria, where unemployment reaches 36%, he’s been living in Milan in the last years, listening to one of his all-time obsessions, the Italian musician Lucio Battisti. While the subversive sounds of Shackleton, Madlib, The Avalanches and Animal Collective are also among his various influences, Larry’s hyperactive mind twists his music into something very personal.

As a talented producer, he never forgets to sample some of his favorite sounds from the past. And the final melody from his latest single was directly influenced by the Television guitarists, as he said. The track comes with an amazingly good package of remixes through James Murphy’s DFA records. The colorful video by Seth Brau is mind blowing too.

You can follow Larry Gus on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

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