Las Sombras

In leather jackets and with guitars in their hands, Las sombras keep the tradition of Argentinian rock and roll alive.

Las Sombras is an Argentinian band based in Buenos Aires, with members from La Pampa, a province usually linked to its deserts. In this scenery, Las Sombras create their raw blues full of dark melodies, like a gang from the ’70s in leather jackets on a long trip on their motorbikes.

After an acclaimed self-titled debut (2016), this year the band reloaded their arsenal with “Crudo“, their latest LP released by Queruza Records. Heavy guitar melodies and a hoarse voice lead the way in these 7 intense songs. The result is cleaner than their debut, with new rhythms and new themes in their lyrics but with more visceral guitars.

Sensual riffs complete the landscape of these guys with one clear mission: not to lose the tradition of Argentinian rock and roll.

Stream “Crudo” LP on Bandcamp.


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