“I did not want to be under my real name, I preferred to be more anonymous, so that people could focus on my music,” explains Kasia Klimczyk, a young Polish singer-songwriter, when we ask her how Lass was born.

“In Polish it means ‘forest’ – nature, tranquility and space. And in English it’s ‘a girl’. It fell into my head accidentaly and I immediately adopted it.”

“I work on my own without any label. The material for my debut LP is almost ready, and two songs have already come out, “Miss My Life On Earth” and “I Can Be Your Girl:”

“I met the music video director, Laia Miret, during my stay in New York. I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. Then another member of our team, a stylist Zu SB, came around. I was very glad of this cooperation, because I finally met someone who had the same vision as I did. We understood each other without words. This also applies to Zu SB.”

“The song itself is a story of a strong woman who can be a shining trophy on a man’s wall, an object of his desire, someone who will increase his value, who will be his asset. And it’s all within his reach, closer than he thinks. He doesn’t not need to change and pretend to be different. It just takes for him to understand that if a woman is happy by his side, he will also be happy.”

“I really want to finally share my new album. I don’t know when it happens, but I can promise I will deliver new songs soon. The first to go is ‘Wonderland’, the video for which is already being prepared. The director is Anna Bloda. I will have the great Jorge Wright in the video. I can not wait!”


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Photo: Laia Miret

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