Laura Lavieri

Laura Lavieri is a singer who has been accompanying the musician Marcelo Jeneci since from his first album, singing with him in concerts and in studio.

As she gained more and more recognition with her powerful voice, the big question arose a few years ago: when she would release her first solo album?

Recently, she ended that uncertainty and released her first single, “Quando alguém vai embora” (“When someone goes away”). The song is the first track off her debut album, which is to be released in 2017.

“Quando alguém vai embora” was composed by Ciro Monteiro and Dias da Cruz in 1942. Now the song has gained a new version – retro, modern and melancholic – created by Laura Lavieri with the producer Diogo Strausz.

Directed by Raíssa Negromonte, the black and white clip reflects the sense of loss and longing addressed in the lyrics of the song. And the people who appear dancing are a contrast maybe to say that when one love goes away, another is coming. Life goes on.


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