I stumbled upon Lawntuba in the simplest way you can in 2016 – on Facebook. Their entire EP, through its runtime, feels like a breezy mood setter in the Mumbai heat.

Last week, I visited a national wildlife park on work and heard the album while crossing grasslands, and eventually on mountain paths – it stuck with me through the journey, and resonated in a way perhaps only a couple of records did in 2016.

On the first song, “Running Away”, the simplicity of the composition is what sucks me in, but the sampling takes it a step further. The song shifts moods ever so often; while still retaining its trance like flow.

My personal favourite, however, is “Fields Are Breathing”. I’d imagine everyone would want to lay in an open field, watching clouds change shape while the song played in the background.

To be fair, the entire EP – available here – is worthy of repeated listens. Simple hooks, wise instrumentation and production for a duo, and perhaps a sense of experimentation. I can’t wait to catch these guys live.


Lawntuba on Bandcamp, Facebook.

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