Le Couleur

With their new poetic single “Désert”, the Montréal-based band Le Couleur talks about death in a metaphorical and surprisingly joyful way.

The track is taken from their new album, “Concorde”, which is due to be realeased on September 11th. All songs on this release are said to be “dealing with death in a different way”, and manage to address the topic in a relaxed atmosphere.

“Désert” begins with a ’60s/’70s summer pop vibe, with a hint of disco and funk guitar rhythms. The dazzling production and the sweetness of the melody, sung by the sparkling Laurence Giroux-Do, deeply contrasts with the dramatic intonations usually experienced for such a theme.

On the other hand, the warm and round bass sounds give it a slightly psychedelic shade, which is thereafter confirmed in the song’s last part. Like a fever dream made in the stifling heat of a desert, the aptly named single ends with a fuzzy and haunting guitar solo, accompanied by slow and powerful drums.

A charming trip towards the unknown we’re glad to pursue in the next few days.


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