Le Prince Miiaou

Switching between lyrics in English and French, in “Poisson” Le Prince Miiaou offers us a great early taste of her comeback album.

Le Prince Miiaou is a solo project the singer-songwriter Maud-Elisa Mandeau started over 10 years ago. In September this year, this versatile French artist will release her new, long-awaited album entitled “Victoire”.

“Poisson” is the second sample of what is to come in autumn – after the first single “Closure” she released in October last year. And the first thing you’ll notice in “Poisson”, is the mix of lines in English and French.

The single’s instrumental side is a similar mixture. After a minimal electronic intro with a noisy culmination, delicate verses take us to a magnificent chorus whose grandeur could be compared to what Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel offered in their best days.

While this climax comes only in the last minute of “Poisson”, the long wait only makes its effect more powerful. Which hopefully will also be true about the upcoming album.


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