Lea Santee

Her voice sounds like she’s already a superstar – Lea of Lea Santee is one part of an amazing duo, who just released their EP “Venice”.

Lea Stöger, singer and songwriter, and Manuel Hosp, the producer, are the electronic-rnb-pop-duo Lea Santee from Vienna. They have been working together since 2013, released their first track “Hopeless” in 2015 on Soundcloud and became quite fast Number 1 on Hype Machine.

After the funky and danceable Nelly-Furtado-Cover-Song “Powerless” was released, under the name Ghosts in 2016, they got high attention again. The conclusion is: whatever they are releasing, it seems to have good quality and everybody wants to hear it. Excellent conditions!

In June 2017 they surprised not only with the earworm “Rollin'”, they also published a breathtaking video (below), which was filmed in several locations in Vienna.

In combination with the EP “Venice“, which was produced in Los Angeles, Lea Santee are ready to conquer the world.

It won’t take long, because they showed in their very short period of existence, that they are more than ready to reach a larger audience!

You can stream “Venice” EP here.


Photo Credit: Gabriel Hyden, David Einwaller

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