Bachar Mar-Khalifé

Born in Beirut, but living in France since early childhood, Bachar Mar-Khalifé is a graduate of the Conservatory of Paris and most probably one of the most diversely talented person in the young French scene.

Now a 32 years old composer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a music taste that seems to ignore geographical, cultural and musical borders, he brings together his boundless inspirations on the new album, “Ya Balad” (“O Homeland”), released last month via InFiné Music.

The background of the album might be complex, but the music is surprisingly clear. While vocals mix the ever-up-to-date rules of old chants with beautiful multi-voice treatment, the neo-classical compositions give it a strong foundation.

“Kyrie Eleison” is the opening track of the album, and one of the most dramatic, but also the most spiritual ones. Bringing together Arabic singing and lyrics inspired by the title prayer from Christian Mass, it’s a universal prayer for peace.


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