Lee Jin Ah (이진아)

Airy jazz meets the future of K-POP in this fantastic collaboration of Lee Jin Ah and GRAY.

Lee Jin Ah (이진아) appeared in the fourth season of the TV talent show “K-POP STAR” emphasizing the popularity as the first criterion of the show. She was continuously asked to find a breakthrough for the limit of her style – composed with the airy voice and slightly jazzy piano performance. However, she decided not to uncritically accept the demand, but she rather strengthened her unique style.

Lee Jin Ah finished third in the auditions, but after the show has ended, she released his first full-length album “Jinah Restaurant Full Course“, further maximizing her distinct features. She concentrates on what she can do well, and at the same time she collaborates with those who can do well in parts she is not familiar with.

Her new single “Run”, that Lee Jin Ah created with the producer and rapper GRAY, is a typical product of such collaboration. Her airy voice and jazzy piano performance are combined with rap and the future-sounding production of GRAY. This ambience together with Lee Jin Ah’s unique voice truly stand out, and the musical limits of Lee Jin Ah wane.

Thinking about the limits of a musician, we generally regard it as a wall or a ceiling that blocks the artist. Thus, we may consider the limit as something to challenge and break. But if you listen the songs of Lee Jin Ah, this stereotype will be changed. As though the fence could be torn down or expanded easily, to Lee Jin Ah, the limit is just as a simple thing only halving the potential of the musician.

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