Les Mentettes

11 minutes of modern pop from ever-evolving Argentinian duo Les Mentettes.

The pop duo Les Mentettes were born more than a decade ago. During those years, they published several singles, EPs & LPs and shared stage with bands like Pulp, Of Montreal and Moreno Veloso. The also had a show at the prestigious SXSW Music Festival.

What is interesting, is that they started making songs in English in the beginning, and only few years ago they changed their singing language to their native one: Spanish.

As part of this new search, they recently published a new EP called “Dar el brazo a torcer”, comprised of three songs which are going to be included on their next studio album.

Tangled love stories are backed with new pop melodies in these 11 minutes. Always guided by synth-pop music, the most danceable song is the one which gives title to the EP.

Stream “Dar el brazo a torcer” EP in full on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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