Les Petit Bâtards

“Sol” was released on the eve of El Carpazo, perhaps the fastest growing festival in Ecuador’s recent history. Maybe it seemed an enormous accomplishment for Quito’s Les Petit Batards (previously) to get to play one of the early afternoon slots on the festival, but it is not undeserved.

They have been playing all around their local city of Quito and even in far off corners of the country with several times in the last months. Talking about the process of actually writing and recording “Sol”, Daniel Sorzano speaks as to how working with Lolabúm’s Pedro Bonfim allowed him to understand their contrasting conceptions of melodies, rhythm and song and how they could work together.

He also stated that “Sol” was one of the songs that they’ve done the quickest, from conception to recording and actual release, just in time to hype them up for their slot at the festival.

Les Petit Batards will be playing at this summer’s Verano de Las Artes, a city run string of concerts over the final weekend of July and all the way through August at Parque Itchimbia, located on top of its namesake hill, which lies right by the center of Quito’s old town.


Photo:  Juan Pablo Viteri

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