Well-balanced first full-length release from Cuenca-based alternative (not quite) newcomers Letelefono.

Letelefono releaded their debut album “Esto no pasa en América“, earlier this year. But they were no strangers to the local scene before – they had already a catalog of songs out.

The band’s first full-length release brings a collection of 10 guitar-oriented songs with the right balance between catchy and harsh, refined and spontaneous, dynamic – and laid-back.

“La Tierra”, number 5 on the album, is a chill ballad, almost a lullaby with its hypnotic vocal melody in the chorus, a long instrumental part with dizzy drums that will make your head moving – and a swinging synthetizer in the back.

In the end, it all fades over everything but the fantastic production and mixing make it keep its magic. Just like Letelefono’s entire, very welcome debut release.

Stream “Esto no pasa en América” LP on Spotify and Bandcamp.


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