How frustrating is it that most of the stuff we actually like to do is so time-limited because we have to pay bills and survive?

Letelefono puts the soundtrack to this collective feeling, in between their signature synths and strident guitars, a chaotically empathetic theme to soothe our capitalistic sorrows: “Viviendo El Sueño”.

Instead of taking it into a depressive side, Letelefono shines by doing their thing perfectly, turning it to a playfully chaotic and ironic sound mixing analogies like ghosts and ectoplasm, and adding its romantic touch with the phrase “somos tan frágiles mi amor”. It’s likely that after listening and understanding Viviendo El Sueño a comforting feeling will settle for some minutes.

After releasing the album “El Destino”, in collaboration with Pastizales and Lolabúm’s Pedro Bonfim, this new single perfects the ever growing sound Letelefono has been experimenting with, truly one of their best songs to date.


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