Lex Audrey

A distinctive sound between scratching rock, sweet pop and cool electronics with lots of beats and a three-color-concept to stay in mind: Lex Audrey will take your breath away, even if they just started to make music.

Niklas Pichler, Lukas Staudinger and Patrick Pillichshammer launched the project Lex Audrey in January 2017, released their first single “GodGiven” at the beginning of September, and their first EP at the end of that month.

Radio stations all around europe played their first song, for a good reason: there was never a band which was like them, which sound so impressive and memorable. True to their motto “Black and White but colorful”, they build up their entire appearance gloomy and mystical but yet still colorful.

Their very first live performance at the showcases festival Waves in Vienna/Austria at the end of September brought them a big audience and everybody was really excited about their sound. There will be a lot coming up!

Stream “GodGiven” EP on Soundcloud.


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