It was only a year ago when Liamere published their first track on the web and their self-titled debut in the Autumn of 2015. A year later this duo is one of the most promising young acts on the scene already recording their second effort and performing at home and abroad.

Liamere consists of Malidah on vocals and Ferguson on piano, synths & programming. Live Liamere becomes a 3-piece with Anej Kočevar joining on bass. Their dark productions with soft echoing vocals may recall bands like Portishead, where on the other side of the trip-hop influences there’s different electronic genres of the past two decades involved.

The atmosphere is foggy and mysterious but also really accessible in the sense of attractive melodies. Single “Sabotage”, which is now updated with the video version, is one of the definitive highlights of the album and also a really good presentation of what Liamere is all about.


Liamere on Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp.

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