Libertaria is a unique electronic duo from Yogyakarta, and while that uniqueness seems to be easily explained – their style is an amalgam of modern inspirations and traditional Javanese music – the result far transcends such simple description.

Similarly, Libertaria is actually much more than just the duo as they have showed us recently in the spectacular video, “Lebaran”. For the clip, they filmed all their friends and collaborators who have supported their still-new project, but usually stay behind the scenes.

Just like people in Indonesia celebrate Lebaran, a great holiday which families, friends and neighbours celebrate together, Libertaria also gathered their closed ones for this clip as georgeous as the song itself.

The video for “Lebaran” came out just a few months after Kill the DJ and Balance, who form the duo, released their debut album “Kewer-Kewer” (available on Soundcloud and Spotify). The single’s message is simple but worth repeating: “Let’s be happy together, regardless of religion”.


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