Lido Pimienta

Lido Pimienta is a Colombian singer, multidisciplinary artist, activist and mother, hailing from the state of La Guajira, in the north of Colombia.

Although she’s been living in Canada for almost ten years, she hasn’t separated herself from her indigenous roots and takes every chance she gets to remind us where she comes from and what problems people face over here.

Like in her brand new song “Agua” (Water), in which she embodies a desperate bird begging for water.

Her voice struggles through a mesmerizing bed of synths giving us chance to connect with the desperation she’s transmitting, tackling issues related to the lack of water in her motherland due to the “business of the government” (mega-mining included).

Avoiding genre classification, Pimienta tags herself as “sátanica” (satanic) making Gangster pop, an intriguing sound that will explode in her long awaited second effort, “La Papessa”, due sometime this year.


Photo: Ruthie Titus

Lido Pimienta on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

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