Like Swimming (Q&A)

Stockholm trio Like Swimming will release their proper debut album this summer, but they’ve already shared an EP called “Let Go”. We’ve been keeping the title song on repeat, so we’ve asked the band about this track, and why most Swedish artists choose to sing in English.

We’ve recorded “Let Go” in the fantastic Stockholm studio Riksmixningsverket, founded by ABBA-member Benny Andersson. It is one of our personal favourites both playing live and on the upcoming album “Structures”. It’s like a series of still life paintings, but without the apples and pears. And it’s about slowing down to finally stand still. Which would be the best way to listen to “Let Go” as well.

Sweden is a small country, but we dream big… One of the reasons English is so commonly used by Swedish artists is that they want to go bigger than the Swedish music scene. We´ve been raised to think that the grass is greener on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. And we are also constantly fed with non distorted (i.e not dubbed) American culture through TV and movies.

However, we do have a lot of really good music sung in Swedish as well. Here are a few of our favourites!

Ida: Markus Krunegård – “Korallreven & Vintergatan”
Claes: Bob Hund – “Upp Upp Upp Ner”
Petter: Jonathan Johansson – “Stockholm”


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