Linde Schöne

We are very glad to see the Dutch language is gaining terrain again in the Dutch music scene.

Being quite a blunt language, it’s quite refreshing to hear upcoming Dutch (and Belgian!) artists sing in clever and poetic Dutch phrases.

One of the main acts that sing in Dutch to keep an eye on is Linde Schöne from Nijmegen. She released her second EP “Linde Van Nimma” this year, which was produced by her boyfriend Boeboe.

Linde Schöne switches cleverly between hip-hop, pop and soul. One of the standout tracks is the club banger “Aandacht” (“Attention”), which beautifully captures the devastation that being in love can evoke. The song comes with an eye popping video directed by rap duo Victoire x Festus.

Make sure you also check out one of Linde’s “tuinsessies” (garden sessions) and see the more vulnerable side of Linde Schöne.

With a debut album in the making, we are sure Linde Schöne will be one of the big promises for the upcoming year.

Stream “Linde Van Nimma” EP on Spotify.


Linde Schöne on Facebook.

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