Linia Nocna

The atmosphere of contemporary Warsaw turned into sound.

Linia Nocna is a new electronic duo that has been gaining increased attention in Poland recently. Since 2017, vocalist Monika “Mimi” Wydrzyńska and producer Mikołaj Trybulec released a series of well-received singles that got a fair amount of airplay. And just now they completed their full-length debut, “Znikam na chwilę.”

“Hulajnogi,” however, is a standalone single. Wydrzyńska and Trybulec live in Warsaw and their music is often inspired by the sounds and images of the city. Accordingly, the song’s title and lyrics allude to the ubiquitous electric scooters that recently became the new hallmarks of the urban landscape all over Europe.

Both members of Linia Nocna have backgrounds in jazz. Their music is usually composed on a piano, and only then processed digitally. Perhaps this is why their sound feels so light and breezy.

“Hulajnogi” is built around varied and multilayered textures while exhibiting smooth and rather restrained sound. Its chill atmosphere should make it a perfect soundtrack for the upcoming summer.


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