Liniker e os Caramelows

Liniker e os Caramelows is a group that gained recognition in Brazil in 2015 with the EP “Cru” and especially with “Zero“, a beautiful song about love and surrender to whom we love.

Now in 2016 the group, led by artist named Liniker, released their first full album. Titled “Remonta“, the work mixes soul music and MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). The band’s lyrics address love and human relationships.

In a broader way, Liniker’s intention is to question our concepts of male and female. The important thing for the artist is to only be accepted as the person she/he is. This is a necessary way of looking at life and live in a better world for us all.

The album’s eponymous song, “Remonta” is a proposal to rebuild the feeling and cope with the pain from the perspective of a character who believes in love as salvation to heal your wounds. This is a good way to face our pain.

Stream “Remonta” LP on YouTube.


Photo: Gabriel Quintão

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