Abudu is brand new band from Lithuania who started to play in public just last summer. To date they have only posted two songs: “Įkvėpimui” (“For inspiration”) and “Pavasaris” (“Spring”).

But those two single are enough to get hungry of Abudu sound, which takes you away from this world. When playing live, they perform more original songs. No covers, and no english lyrics – maybe that’s why the band’s been gaining popularity quickly in the Lithuanian alternative scene.

Abudu is a group of five guys who played together for a few years before going public. Unbelievable, but the oldest members of band, Vytenis, is just 24 years old. And his brother Domantas is only 17.

As band says: “Not much more to do when you are growing in a rural town (Šakiai) of 6000 people. Jamming after school was an escape from boredom and was a great basis for a birth of our group this autumn.”

“Pavasaris” is Abudu’s fantastic second single. It gets you not only with ecstatic vocals, but also with arrangement that starts soft with spring-like acoustic sounds, and then transforms into powerful post-metal.

“It’s got the feeling of hope that you can see in grass, coming out of snow in early spring. It’s a feeling of being woken up by a sunbeam,” says the song‘s author, Domantas (pictured above). “It means that days are getting warmer and sunnier – something we all long for in our hearts during cold Lithuanian winters.”


Photo credit: Laurynas Skeisgiela

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