Beissoul & Einius

Beissoul & Einius is a project of two musicians from Lithuania who create melancholic experimental electronic music with soulful vocal. If you listened to them the first time with closed eyes, you could think that you’re hearing a voice of an old black singer.

You could also think that Beissoul sings in a language you understand. But both impression are wrong. Beissoul (a nickname inspired by “bass soul”) is not a black soulman, and the lyrics of “Upė” (“River”), a track from their last EP called “Chamillion”, are in Lithuanian.

Most of the time, Beissoul & Einius prefer to use English in their music. So if this track seems to you too exotic, you might try some other songs of this fashionable project.


Beissoul & Einius on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.

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