Sraigės Efektas

“Noncommittal instrumental noise trio”, who play “repeat rock,” is how Sraigės Efektas describe themselves. This young trio from Vilnius started to play together at the end of 2012. In 2015, they released their debut 7-track album “Monotonijos Anatomija”.

Just like the full album, the single “Bangos” has no words but just seven and half minutes of electric guitars, bass and drums. And it’s a perfect example of instrumental composition that keeps your attention from the beginning till the end.

Starting with an easy pop-rock percussion, “Bangos” gradually transforms into psychedelic, a little noised and surfed rock that never loses harmony and dynamics. With lots of culminations, without any boring guitar riffs, with strong background borrowed from stoner rock.

As for the vintage video footage, according to the band it comes from a German documentary shot in Lithuania in summer 1939, which adds a separate dimension to the whole work.

You can stream “Monotonijos Anatomija” in its entirety here.


Sraigės Efektas on Bandcamp, YouTube, Facebook.

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