Livyatanim (לוויתנים‎), the Hebrew word for “Whales”, may be the most accurate term to describe the sound of this Neta’im-based duo.

Their debut album, “After The Waters”, is exploring the musical edges of all of this project’s participants, fusing different ideas into the darkness of a deep ocean.

The record features artists of different musical origins, such as Rona Kenan, Arkadi Duchin or Sivan Talmor. All of them have been blended into the sound of Livyatanim, in a way we have never heard those vocalists before.

On “Nimim”, you get the chance to close your eyes and get the perspective of Aviv Meshulam. With his settling tone, he tries to make you imagine through you mind. I, personally, felt as if I am inquiring the electric system of my building.

And in the eponymous song, “After The Waters”, we can hear Eden Leshem accompanied by a gradually spreading arrangement:

For the full visual experience, you can also watch this amazing abstract animation which brings the sound to a live presence.

Take a deep breath and dive into the mind of Aviv Meshulam & Tomer Baruch.


You can stream “After the Waters” LP in its entirety here.

Livyatanim on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, www.

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