Kyoto based chamber-pop unit LLama have just released their new album, “VISTA”, on Rallye label.

Employing two guitars, two horns, two drum sets and contrabass – even their sound engineer belongs to the group – they combine authentic acoustic folk with crystalline sounding post-rock.

While LLama’s musicians are (supporting) members of such artists as Kistune no Yomeiri, YeYe, Turntable Films, OUTATBERO, dry river string, and 4 bonjour’s parties – on their new record they are joined by Illreme, a famous rapper and member of city pop unit (((sssurrounddd))), the real time sampling unit Open Reel Ensemble, and Yumiko from Yankanoi.

You can follow LLama on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter – or visit their official website.

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