Lolabúm is one of the youngest and most prolific bands in Ecuador. They are part of a new generation of musicians that are beginning to get fame in the scene.

They are young, indie as it gets, and the usual quiet kids of the class that have mind full of wonders and ideas. They are way too busy thinking of it to discuss it with someone.

Lolabúm’s first album, “El Cielo”, is a lo-fi, fast and enigmatic piece of music. With quick drums and hi-hats, simple but dense guitar chords and raw voice.

On of the highlights from the record, “Guayaquil Ticy”, is a reference to a city that’s not their own, Guayaquil. The band is from Ecuador’s capital, Quito, but in this track they talk about how they (like everyone who’s been to Guayaquil) hate the city’s heat and miss a loved one in their cold Quito.

You can stream “El Cielo” in its entirety here.


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