Balancing dreamy vocals, powerful synths and strong rhytm Loradeniz gives us a captivating new single “Jello”.

Today I want to introduce you a very powerful Turkish musician named Loradeniz. Earlier this year, she released a 5-track EP “Mara” and all songs are just impressive.

You can hear that she is creating minimal layers generally with a piano melody, but then the progress of the composition will suprise you and may take you a totally different road.

I highly recommend you to watch the animation video of “Rem” from that EP, with respect to the creators Tolga Tarhan and Cem Kayiran as much as Loradeniz.

Now let’s come to the new song “Jello”. Loradeniz claims that she was inspired by Charles Bukowski while making this song whose words also make the lyrics.

In this track, Loradeniz achieves a great harmony between dreamy vocals, powerful synths and a very clear direct rhytm.

Like the songs included on “Mara” EP, Jello has a very progressive character and starts from a point and finishes in a very different place. You feel that change also in your mind.

Although she is from İstanbul, this song is recorded at Red Bull Amsterdam Studios where she also lives. I should add that she is one of the Red Bull Warm Up musicians of this year.

In “Jello”, Mert Gençer accompanies her with synthesizers and electronics. Mix and mastering process went through Feryin Kaya’s hands. You should better watch the recording session video.

Follow her before everyone starts to listen to her music, then you will have a chance to say: “I know her musical journey from the beginning”.


Loradeniz on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube, Spotify.

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