Los Negros

Unconventional project exploring the intersections of music and poetry, to create a visceral and exhilarating experience.

LOS NEGROS was brought to life by actress and singer, Sara Ribeiro, and theatre director and playwright, João Garcia Miguel. Together they envisioned a musical project revolving around poetic lyrics sung in Portuguese.

This vision was converted into sound by an all-star cast of musicians, including members of some of the most respected alternative/experimental bands from Portugal: Criatura, Terrakota, Pás de Problème and RED Trio.

Recorded live, their music is spontaneous and free-flowing, emphasizing the immediacy of collective interaction, but with a hint of psychedelic vibe.

At the very centre, however, is Ribeiro’s guttural voice. With an amazing vocal range and raw, visceral delivery, she transforms the music into an intense sensual experience that reverberates with primordial energy.

Stream LOS NEGROS’ debut EP “Amor Nos Cornos” on Bandcamp.


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