Los Wálters

With each successive release, Los Wálters inch closer to becoming Puerto Rico’s favorite electronic-pop duo.

“Isla Disco”, their fourth self-released collection of songs, represents an impressive leap forward, with more dynamic songwriting and a sustained mood — a shade darker or two than usual — stretching out across the album’s eleven tracks.

The record was selected by local blog PuertoRicoIndie.com as the island’s top release of 2016 – and number one in our Best of 2016 – and the sultry synths on display in the song “Más De Nadie” were part of the reason why.

Directed by frequent band collaborator Furry Vowels, this brand spanking new video nails the vaporwave aesthetic with its retro chic look, blueish and purplish tones, an even a classic column thrown in for good measure.

Stream “Isla Disco” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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