Lovely Quinces

Two very different and very good songs from Lovely Quinces, Croatian singer-songwriter who keeps us waiting for her full-length debut album.

At the beginning of 2013, young folk artist Dunja Ercegović a.k.a. Lovely Quinces released a demo single “Wrong House” which was a great success. Later that year, she released EP “No Room For Us”.

Two years later, in mid 2015, she released a new EP called “Meet Me in Moscow (Part One)”. We expected the “Part Two”, but she has disappeared for a while. During that hiatus, she started to work on her DIY project Bad Daughter, where she records all of her music on mobile phone.

That’s history, because nowadays Lovely Quinces is back. She has started to work on new songs and publishes them on social media. “Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole” is a Martha Wainwright cover, but after that, we get two brand new songs which sound completely different than anything she recorded before.

“Sick in the Head” is cool single which shows her in the style of garage rock. The partial reason for that is a collaboration with 2/3 of punk outfit Punčke and producer Mark Mrakovčić, who knows how to define some new sound.

Noisy and frenetic, with this single Lovely Quinces showed that she wants to be much more than just one of female folk artists who rule in Croatia at the moment.

Only two weeks later, we heard another new song “Not Right” and we can conclude that the new sound is rough, energetic and brilliant. On this one, she plays electric guitar and Mark plays Drum and bass.

Transformation is complete. Now we have a completely new singer-songwriter and I hope we will finally get a full debut album from her. Whatever she decides to do, I think she has a potential to be great. She has something inside her, whether she uses an electric or acoustic guitar.


Lovely Quinces on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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