Lucas Santtana

Acclaimed Salvador-based singer-songwriter Lucas Santtana comes back with his seventh full-length effort, “Modo Avião”.

You might already know Lucas Santtana from our Best of 2014 wrap-up. And here he is again, with a completely new album “Modo Avião“, which means “Airplane Mode”, a versatile collection of songs that still have at least four things in common: pristine sound, beautiful melodies, enticing atmosphere and powerful storytelling.

For this new effort, Santtana wanted to create “not just a record, but what I call an audio movie.” In the first tracks, the main character of his story takes us on both real and metaphorical journey. He meets other people, he goes through different internal states, gets lost in time and space.

To feel the tone of Santtana’s tale, you can start with the 2-minute eponymous song “Modo Avião”, here accompanied by a video directed by Alessandra Dorgan.

With the weighty atmosphere of “Modo Avião” and the focus this LP demands from the listener to absorb it fully, no wonder Santtana ask listeners to put headphones on before clicking play – he’s put lots of effort into the audio panning.

If you’ve already heard his previous effort, you might notice Santtana tries to balance his vocals and arrangements, somehow contrary to the nature of what singer-songwriters usually do. So beside the omnipresent guitar, we get all kinds of instruments – from accordion to string quartet – and strange movie-like sounds.

So put your headphones on, close your eyes, and join the otherworldly journey Lucas Santtana has invited us to share with him.

Stream “Modo Avião” LP on Spotify.

Photo: Eduardo Pimenta


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