Lucía Tacchetti

Having played around Europe and at SXSW, Lucía Tacchetti comes back with a third album full of danceable electronic pop.

Lucía Tacchetti was born in Bahía Blanca, a port city 600 kilometers away from where she lives now: Buenos Aires. Her first two albums, “Feriado” (2015) and “Degradé” (2017), were full of sincere and intimate songs with a folk predominance in the sound.

This year she published her third album, “VOL.3D”, via Immigration Records. The change in the sound is clear and remarkable: pop melodies are still the main thing, with a danceable approach instead, because of the electronic instrumentation added for this new phase in her career.

During this time, she was one of the Argentinian ambassadors in famous festival SXSW in USA and toured around Europe (there’s a videoclip which works as a diary of her trip).

The first song she released as a preview of the new album was “Todo cambia”. In its videoclip, she is inside a neon cube placed in the middle of a modern warehouse, where she plays the synths and dances, while singing to the need of “muting” our minds.

Stream “VOL.3D” LP on Spotify and YouTube.


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Photo credit: Juan Curto

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