Luka Prinčič

Adventurous electronic music from prolific Slovene producer, sound designer and media artist Luka Prinčič.

It’s hard and it’s easy to talk about Luka Prinčič. It’s hard to explain all of his projects and it’s easy to talk about his work as there are so many things he’s involved in.

He’s been releasing and performing as Luka Prinčič and Nova deViator since mid-’90s – as a producer, sound designer and media artist. Luka is fond of computer music, free software and critical expressions, he works in the fields of beats, grooves and experimental music, he’s involved in theater, contemporary dance shows, and is also a part of the duo Wanda & Nova deViator. No wonder he performed at events like Ars Electronica in Linz and travelled the world presenting his work in different fields.

Luka also runs the Kamizdat label, focused on adventurous electronic music featuring some of the more interesting Slovene acts in the before mentioned area, like Warrego Valles, Lifecutter, Dodecahedragraph and others. One of the latest releases is a compilation album named “Access Frame” – a Netlabel Day release featuring 12 Slovene artists and providing an idea of what’s currently going on on the wilder side of the local electronic spectrum.

And one of Luka’s latest releases includes the “Entropy” EP which features the heavily contagious track “Gravitacija” (“Gravitation”), which is just a click away.

Stream “Entropy” EP on Bandcamp.


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