Lukas Landa

“I feel if he was a guy from London or NYC, he’d have 700 000 views rather than 700,” said beehype founder to me when I first introduced him to a new single from Lukas Landa. He was absolutely right.

Lukas Landa, one of the most talented Czech singer songwriter, goes far beyond borders of Czechia with his music. He debuted two years ago but only a few people paid attention to his great record. No harm. Lukas packed himself and went to travel to Asia. He was performing in Taiwan and collected inspirations and ideas for a new album, “Islands“.

He finished it one month ago and it’s even better than the first one. You can find six melancholic folktronic songs on Islands and lead single “Hearts” is the strongest one. Three minutes of catchy, but not pandering wistful song with world class sound oscillates between lo-fi songwriting and minimalistic electronic producing.

It is mournful and softly treading, but hymnal at the same time. It combines simple guitar picking with stealthy electronic patterns and discreetly pulsating beats and it hides imaginative arrangements in gloomy foggy echoes.

Lukas Landa is master in finding tiny nuances and putting them together. “Islands” is an album for lost dreamers without romantic clichés.

Stream “Islands” LP on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


Lukas Landa on Facebook, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, YouTube.

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