Two years ago, when beehype was first launched, we have picked Lumiere Brother’s song “Twenty One”, and presented it to our readers as one of the early recordings from Greece.

The Athenian composer, Athanasios Christodoulou, continued his music project without the second part of his name as Lumiere, and three months ago released his new self-titled album, accompanied by plenty of remarkable musicians.

Big fan of The Beatles, David Bowie, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Maurice Ravel, Abel Korzeniowski and Gonzales among other respectable composers, he delivers 10 low-key instrumental compositions that bring forward mostly nostalgic, warm and melancholic emotions.

His cinematic profundity, elegance and pop sensibility perfectly showcases his airy combination of piano, strings, percussion and electronics, that definitely will satisfy friends of Erased Tapes Records or other post-classical artists.

Put a glass of wine on your coffee table, lower the lights, listen as your stereo system unveils this collection of tasteful lowtempo tracks and let them soothe you. It will be worth your while.

You can stream “Lumiere” LP on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


Lumiere on Facebook.

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