Luna Abu Nassar

8 new songs in Hebrew in Arabic from one of Israel’s most talented singer-songwriters, Luna Abu Nassar.

Four years have passed since the singer from Nazareth burst into our awareness with her debut album, and now she is returning with a new album called “Dawame” (دوامة \ מערבולת), or “Whirlpool” in English.

Finesse and hallucinations, folk and electronics, influences from Yasmin Hamdan to Aphex Twin – all of them combined into one beautiful piece.

8 songs, in Arabic and Hebrew, one of which she has composed together with Roy Hasson and two with Dror Rotem, the musical producer.

The song “Kishoof” (כישוף), which means “Spell”, was inspired by a series of dreams with water, which became a thread woven along the songs of the album.

The songs and production correspond to this central motif and are in fact an attempt to express and translate the dreams into feelings, words, images and create a visual world through music.

Last May, Luna opened the concert of José González in Tel Aviv, and gave several concerts around Israel in the summer. Hopefully next months bring her to other countries as well.

Stream “Dawame” LP on Bandcamp.


Photo credit: Picherski

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