When it comes to LUST, it has always been about contrasts.

Like how this saccharine-tinged indie pop ditty jars against the surprising and rather unsettling end to its accompanying music video. A lot happens within the confines of this track’s relatively laconic runtime.

From the angular guitar lick that kicks it into motion, the colorings and recoloring of chords and riffs throughout the song and right down to the gorgeously constructed vocal harmonies peppered across it, you may possibly form a lazy impression that it’s just all a little too dense.

But yet, the remarkable thing is LUST never allows the obvious technical complexities to outweigh “U I Adore’s” accessibility. Every note and beat played is essentially a slave to its listenability, designed to serve nothing but its pop sensibilities. And that is what makes the track and in many ways, the band sparkle.

There is also a prevailing sense that this track – coming off LUST’s new album “Tekesima” – is not just a beautiful coincidence. That it was all constructed consciously and carefully. Proof of this is the wonderful unexpected chord change at the end that gives the track just that little affectionate kiss on the cheek before it’s sent out the door.

That is not the work of four individuals writing their parts separately and trying to make it work, but the sound of a team coming together to achieve a common goal. This may sound a little uninspiring within the context of songwriting but LUST always ensures that there is a whole carriage of soul anchored to the back of its well-oiled songwriting machine.

The testament of that is in the unspeakable joy one feels at the conclusion of the track. Although if you’re listening to it while watching the video, you may end up with a feeling that’s probably a little complex than ‘unspeakable joy’.

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