Interview: Duper

Press play and try not to dance to this song. Super-DUPER tunes straight outta Skopje.

“Ne sum tvoj tip” (I’m not your type) – a song that instantly became a hit in Macedonia. This is the most played local song for June for the punk kids, rappers… everybody. They bring new energy and freshness to a familiar story and through their catchy sound they spread the positivity with the listeners. We were curious to know more about this new band and their first song/video.

And this is how it all started…

Boris (guitar and synth) and Ilcho (vocals and bass) are very good friends who were already actively making music, and about a year ago Martina (drums and percussion), a friend of Boris, joined the band and we started making music together. “It all came together very naturally at the end because every one of us had had a dream to play music and enjoy it with the right people.”


Elena Krsteva: The reason for choosing this song as the first single?

Duper: Although it wasn’t the first song that we made, it kind of spoke to us, and we really liked it and felt like it was the right choice for a debut single. We thought it was the best introduction of who we are and also to our style.

Imagine this. You get invited from your favorite band to play as their support – which one would this artist be?

That’s a tough one considering the fact that we couldn’t agree on one artist. In the top 3 we’d pick Anderson.Paak, Kanye West, Pharell Williams.

How would you describe the music scene in Macedonia? Which artists from Macedonia are your biggest influence?

The music scene is constantly moving forward. We feel like there is a new wave and style of music coming and we want to be a part of it.
Bernays Propaganda, The John, Robert Bilbilov and many more.

Future plans?
In the next few months we will be working on the material for our debut album, while preparing for some live shows.

Let’s dance to DUPER!


Duper on Facebook, Instagram.

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