Having just played the first ever show outside of his home country, Ulaanbaatar-based singer-songwriter Magnolian seems to be on the verge of well-deserved jump onto the international scene. At least that’s what we hope for.

Wider recognition is something Magnolian’s debut EP, “Famous Men”, certainly deserves. Lasting about 25 minutes, it has six well-written and beautifully performed acoustic songs Sufjan Stevens wouldn’t mind to have in his repetoire. The material has been produced and mixed by Munkh-Orgil Turbold, who also works with invaluable The Colors.

For his first release, which you can stream in its entirety on Bandcamp, Magnolian also invited a range of local musicians and singers. It resulted in reach, sometimes symphonic sound and amazing vocal duos as with the female singer Tselmuun Chinzorig in the ballad called “The Bride & the Bachelor”.

Magnolian’s songs are usually sung in English, and that’s true about the whole material on “Famous Men”. However, the record’s second and most immediate track, “Banquet”, has also received an amazing version in Mongolian (titled “Өвөлжөө”), accompanied by a video directed by B. Odmandakh with animation by M. Oyunbold. And it’s one of the best things we’ve come across recently.

in October, Magnolian played his first ever show outside of Mongolia at the leading Korean showcase festival Zandari Festa. Hopefully next year brings more invitations from around the world. In that case, you will see us in the front row.

Stream “Famous Men” EP here.


Magnolian on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

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