“Love was the only thing that kept me healthy,” says Mahmundi, a talented Brazilian Pop/Soul singer who just released a great new album “Para Dias Ruins”.

Mahmundi is a Brazilian singer-songwriter based in Rio de Janeiro who recently released a new album titled “Para Dias Ruins” (“For Bad Days”). It was preceded by an incledible lead single released last year, “Imagem”, and more recently followed by “Tempo Pra Mar”.

By mixing a lot of Brazilian influences with a tint of Pop, R&B and Soul, Mahmundi managed to create a singular atmosphere that surrounds the listener with a warm touch. All of that while she sings about love in a very simple but compelling way.

In a recent interview, Mahmundi talked about the way she decided to approach the songwriting on her new record.

“Constant fighting makes you tired. Even if those battles need to have a voice. But I started to understand that if I don’t have any time for me, I wouldn’t be able to fight this battle without some self-knowledge — because you’ll end up hurting people in another way.”

“I decided to talk about love, because love was the only thing that kept me healthy in the middle of all of this”.

Listen to “Para Dias Ruins” LP on Spotify.


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