Maii and Zeid

“I wanted to give an impression of freedom and emancipation”, says Zeid Hamdan when we ask him about his recent single, “Kalam El Leil” (“Words of the Night”).

One of the independent music pioneers in the Lebanese indie scene, Hamdan is known as a half of the legendary Beirut trip-hop duo SoapKills, has an immense solo discography, and has been involved in various other projects over the years. Among the most recent is Maii and Zeid – his duo with Alexandrian singer-songwriter Maii Waleed.

“I also wanted wanted a sound that was at the same time big, emotional, and raw and simple. Because this depicts my encounter with Maii. Huge dreams and poetry built with very litle means but true feelings” Zeid explains.

“In the video, I’m searching for Maii in front of the screen of my laptop,” he said. “But Maii wanders freely in the streets of Alexandria, and no one can catch her”.


You can find Maii and Zeid on Facebook. You can also check out Zeid’s channel on Soundcloud and follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Maii is on Twitter.

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