Majed Alesa

Another impressive video from Majed Alesa (ماجد العيسى), one of the region’s most versatile and unpredictable artists.

One of our favourite piece of music ever from Saudi Arabia is Majed Alesa’s 2015 hit video “Samry King“. It was clever, funny, and impressive sound-wise.

This versatile artist has already tought us to expect the most unexpected from him. His recent piece “Eidayn” (عيدين) continues this great tradition, demanding multiple plays to properly embrace the whole concept.

The song itself is just 3 minutes long, and the lyrics are based on just a few enigmatic lines about society (and most probably politics). But the video is intense and unpredictable, with a couple of amazing sceneries and lead actors.

Whatever you end up thinking about it eventually, it’s certainly worth checking out even just to be up-to-date with what Majed’s up to these days.


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