This time, I´m actually really proud to introduce something special for you. From the Gothenburg scene, from my scene, from my own area and my own backstreets I give you Makthaverskan (The woman with the power).

As a reaction on the cute and friendly scene in Gothenburg where everyone held each others’ hands they ascend with hammering drums and vibrant guitars and of course, with the voice of Maja Milner.

Makthaverskan released their first album in 2009 when the band members all were around 16-18 years old and the second album came 2013 together with the massive single “Asleep“. I can surely tell you that “Makthaverskan ll” is one of the best album from the Swedish indie-scene ever.

Their new single, “Witness”, is set to accompany the U.S tour during the month of March including a stop at the famous SXSW-festival. “Witness your fall, witness your fall!” When Maja sings, you listen, as we say in Gothenburg.

Makthaverskan on Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, Spotify, www.

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