Last time we heard from HeyMun, she was standing on a cliff. Now she is sitting in front the carrousel in the Tuileries Garden, travelling back in time.

“I waited till there was no one on the carousel there. It was so cold, but such a beauty Paris is, dont you agree,” says the Malaysian artist about her new video, “Drift”. She admits she couldn’t get up from that bench after filming, “mesmerised or frozen.”

These two words fittingly describe her music, which she continuously keeps somewhere in between ambient music and airy songwriting, elusive yet entrancing.

HeyMun spent a chunk of the last year travelling Europe. She visited Rome, Barcelona and Berlin. But apparently, it was in Paris she felt like home.

“I love watching French films, baking French pastries and I have even learnt the language,” she says. “But still when I arrived for the first time it was completely a new, fascinating adventure. A city with many interesting sides that makes being there an awesome experience. Not to mention the architecture, which makes everything so dreamy.”

Under the new video, she’s added a short poem: “This must be the place / where we rewind / Not that I would turn back time / But most evenings / amongst the mist / I sit, breathe and replay this.” Let’s sit, breathe and replay.


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