You can’t use the term “unique Malaysian music act” without mentioning monoloQue, especially for their music direction and with the lead singer loQue’s distinctive style item of a “tengkolok,” which is a traditional Malay headgear for men.

Besides loQue, who also plays various guitars and the piano, the band formed in 2004 also includes Ijoo on lead guitar and Dax on bass, keyboard and percussion. This song titled “Ringgit”, which is Malaysia’s currency code, is an amazing tune from their upcoming sophomore release, the “Hikayat Halimunan Abad ke 21” trilogy.

The infectious “Ringgit” single gets a wonderful visual treatment from director Kadir Chan with animations by Entropy that tells the story of how a wanderer with nothing but a mobile phone and coin travels aimlessly into the city, then ends up singing with the mannequins.

A peculiar concept indeed, but it tells an amazing story of the strugglers trying to make it in this expensive world we are living in right now. And you should know it is always serious business when you monoloQue makes a comeback.


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