OJ Law

OJ Law has to be one of the most exciting acts to enter the Malaysian music scene. After presenting us with the infectious song and video for “Tongue-Tied” last year, the singer-songwriter-producer released the equally catchy “Introverts” from his brilliant new album “Let’s Be Adult” earlier this year.

“Introverts” has garnered a whole lot of of radio airplay attention in Malaysia. But the song was recently also featured in the British radio presenter Julie Adenuga playlist on Beats 1 radio station.

This video directed by The Spacemen sees the OJ Law donning a space hat travelling through a luminous space as he sings the disco-inspired tune about awkward situations that all of us introverts could relate to. Lyrics like “My fellow introvert/I’m tired of knowing no-one/So would you care to dance?” really hit home.

This is an absolute jam when it comes to festival settings, and OJ Law is no stranger to that – he recently performed at the ASEAN Music Festival in Hanoi, Vietnam. If you are looking for some feel-good music, press play to OJ Law’s “Introverts” right now and you best have your dancing shoes on.


Photo credit: Bryzoid

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